Covid-19 Update

New Health and Safety Standards

We are excited to announce that our massage studio is now open in compliance with the local, state and national regulations.

New Health and Safety Standards

We have enhanced our sanitation process at the studio, and we are committed to meeting or exceeding all state, local and regulatory guidelines relating to sanitation and hygiene by:

  1. Sanitizing each room after every client – including face rests, door knobs and common areas -with chorine or alcohol based sanitizer
  2. Using freshly washed and sanitized linens for each appointment
  3. Using sanitary, single-use, disposable face-rest covers and sanitizing the face rest pad beneath for each session
  4. Clients will be scheduled such that only one client will be entering or exiting at a time
  5. Ensuring all staff members wear a mask during service

What we need from you:

  1. Please call ahead to book your appointment (we are no longer accepting walk-in clients)
  2. Please wear a face mask during the session
  3. Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment
  4. Clients for couples massage (same or separate rooms) will be assumed to be of the same household
  5. Please cancel or res-schedule your appointment if you are having COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been around someone who does

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