Geriatric Massage Therapy

This kind of massage is targeted specially at senior citizens. It usually includes 30 minute to hour-long sessions. A geriatric massage technique employs light, gentle massage and passive stretching to ease muscle tension without excessive friction on the skin.

What are the benefits of Geriatric massage therapy?

The benefits of geriatric massage therapy can be many for a senior citizen. The most immediate benefit is decreasing the stiffness of the body and reducing inflammation. Like all massages, this one too helps with improving blood circulation and posture. This in itself has many related health benefits, and because of this a geriatric massage once a week is an effective preventive therapy. For those citizens who suffer from age-related ailments like arthritis, diabetes or Parkinson, massage can improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid, providing some relief from these problems.

Yet another, deeper benefit from this massage is immeasurable. The massage helps senior citizens with physical and emotional problems connect with other people. This helps them fight feelings of isolation, restlessness, and uselessness that many of the elderly have. Any good massage therapist develops a strong emotional and physical bond with the patient, and this can greatly benefit the elderly.

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